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  1. Example of why technology journalists frustrate me

    Technology writers frustrate me at the best of times and this post from what I would consider a some-what reputable source should have done better. Editors take note, don’t let these rubbish articles see the light of day.

  2. Welcome Back!

    Well, this is the re-ignition of my old blog now under a new address “”. Sorry it’s been a while; honestly I just haven’t had time to focus on this project. Fortunately, though I have finally got the new blog off the ground now and will be trying my best to write some articles and posts more often from…

  3. McAfee: Today’s update appears to have caused corporate customer computers world-wide to reboot without network access!

    It would seem today’s botched definition update sent out to corporate users of McAfee’s anti-virus software has caused Windows XP workstations to fail with DCOM errors which then causes a reboot to occur; finally, upon start up loose network connectivity. This will turn into an absolute nightmare for I.T administrators because in most cases this…

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