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  1. Example of why technology journalists frustrate me

    Technology writers frustrate me at the best of times and this post from what I would consider a some-what reputable source should have done better. Editors take note, don’t let these rubbish articles see the light of day.

  2. Windows Server 2016 – New Features & Innovations: What you should pay attention too

    As predicted, this year has been another big one for Microsoft. I think this will be a continual trend moving into the future as the company aligns more and more of its product release cycles together and we see release cycles becoming shorter. Most notable to date has been the release of the Windows 10 operating system. Everyone I…

  3. Understanding the importance of Containerisation and Docker

    For those who have worked with open-source technologies for some time would know that containerisation of apps and services is not a new concept. I was first introduced to the concept of virtual containers when Parallels formally known as ‘SWsoft’ and now called ‘Odin’ first released a product called Virtuozzo which provided a virtualisation technology that enabled operating system virtualisation. This was a platform…

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