Microsoft launches Visual Studio Team Foundation Service into production


I was a bit slow on the pick up of this news, but today learnt that Microsoft have finally launched the Visual Studio Team Foundation Service into production for the general public to subscribe! What’s better and you may not know this, they are also offering up to 5 users for free, and for a limited time all usage of the service is free! The TFS service has been in limited preview since last years build conference and I was excited to hear of plans to expand it to a production cloud offering.

For small software shops this offer is a winner and will certainly help developers in small teams to work more efficiently particularly if your project team are not all in the same office. Commonly small development teams are disconnected and having the resources to run an on-premises TFS was not practical.

I signed up today and it litterally took less than 3 mins to provision my TFS workspace and hooked it up to a project I am currently working on in Visual Studio 2012. I read also that for developers who are not using Microsoft development tools, this Team Foundation Service offering is fully supported in IDE’s such as Eclipse on OS X and Linux platforms just like the on-premises version enables you to connect from. The service is fully operational on the latest build of Team Foundation Server 2012 and therefore supports all the nice new collaborative features found in VS2012.

Link to learn more and sign-up:

Rating 3.00 out of 5
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